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Fixture+ is our turbo-charged take on the football fixture list.

Regular fixture lists go out-of-date almost as soon as they're printed, as TV, Cup matches and European games play havoc with the calendar. Match dates change throughout the season and old-style fixture lists quickly become redundant.

Fixture+ is different. By providing 10 years of head-to-head records for every Premiership club, Fixture+ stays relevant even when match dates change.


Fixture+ (click for larger view)

Fixture+ is printed on a convenient, credit card-sized Z-CARD, allowing fans to keep it in their wallet and refer to it frequently, whether they're preparing for an upcoming match or chatting with their mates in the pub.

Premiership 2009/10

To kick off the 2009/10 Premiership season, we'll be producing a sponsor-branded Fixture+, with fixture lists, statistics and stadium diagrams for all 20 teams, along with league-wide analysis. The sponsor's branding will feature prominently, with content adapted to accommodate any promotional messages.

With its combination of relevant, season-long data and easy portability, Fixture+ delivers maximum exposure of the sponsor's brand at minimal cost.

Fixture+ Features

  1. 10 years of head-to-head stats for each team's 38 Premiership fixtures
  2. League-wide stats and charts
  3. Beautifully rendered stadium diagrams
  4. Z-CARD format for easy portability
  5. Useful for every month of the season
  6. Easy to read graphics
  7. High quality overall design

Fixture+ Benefits

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Season-long exposure
  3. Portability – fans will carry it everywhere
  4. Top quality stats, charts and design reaffirm sponsor's football credentials
  5. Adds to the fans' experience of the game
  6. High readership
  7. Low cost per thousand


For more information, please contact Simon Rosen at or +44 (0)20 7580 0200.


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